Who We Are?

PT. Agrigrow International Trading was started in Year 2014 by a Master Mariners and a Business Entrepreneurs from a small office in Jakarta, Indonesia. The intention was to work in supplying in Agricultural commodities and Shipping services to our clients worldwide. In the Initial formative years Agrigrow was providing services to few Vessel owners/Operators for Port Captainship whenever their Vessels visited Indonesian waters to load or discharge.

During the year 2015 PT. Agrigrow International Trading took over a Floating Crane platform in Samarinda on a period Charter on behalf of Global Commodities & Shipping Ltd, New Zealand. The lease ended in second half of 2015.

PT. Agrigrow International Trading from year 2016 ventured into supplying Animal Feed to major industries in Surabaya, Medan and Jakarta. We realised that if we have to survive in this highly competitive markets we need to supply from Indonesian Warehousing to small and large buyers.

Recent time PT. Agrigrow International Trading under the aegis of Global Commodities & Shipping Ltd and Global Commodities & Shipping Pty Ltd , have invested in full-fledged office in Bali and warehousing in Surabaya, Java. PT. Agrigrow International Trading now has a staff of 8 personnel’s working in various divisions.

Our Plan

Since the inception, Our plans has been to create awareness in Indonesian Markets to use Organic Feed only. We believe in the Food chain which results in the highly contaminated chemicals down the chain of consumption. We plan to launch a campaign in the Feed consumers with a Food specialist and Veterinary Science specialists to educate on the need of Organic Feed. We plan to bring the best Organic Feed to our own Warehouses and allow consumers to buy after checking the Quality of arrivals. We are confident that Few Companies shall be supporting us in this Mission. Moreover due to growing mistrust of Consumers of Feed on the supplies to reach in time (Container shortages/Crop failures being two major reasons) and quality of the Feed , the Stock and sale is the best model to ensure Consumer satisfaction.

Paper Industry/Cosmetic Industry and Food Industry (Like Nuggets Manufacturers) are few the targeted buyers of PT. Agrigrow International Trading for the supply of Tapioca Starch. We plan to stock and sale in and around Java.

AgrigrowPT. Agrigrow International Trading also plans to bring in quality Food commodities like Lentils, Chick Peas etc from Australia and export Rice/Turmeric/Black Pepper/Red Ginger from Indonesia.

Market survey resulted in finding that there are a lots of buyers who are not inclined to import due to the vagaries of International prices/Quality issues & being more comfortable dealing in local currency .They suggested that they will be keen to buy if we can provide them the products locally. So to serve those buyers we Agrigrow are working on stock & sale. PT. Agrigrow International Trading with valid import export license can be used to import the products & offer the same locally.

We also believe that smaller buyer like to buy from stocks in hand and create opportunities to give maximum profits. Being an Indonesian Company we believe we can maximise profits by market intelligence also.

Stock And Sale in Indonesia.